By George Pavlou

A real grower, The Hidden Face turns out to be a pleasant surprise.

This is one of those movies that you really have to stick with, as if you can get past a sluggish opening then the rewards are there.

The set-up is quite simple – the film begins with our lead male, Adrian, being dumped by his girlfriend, only to immediately stumble into the arms of a good-looking barmaid, Fabiana.

Surprise surprise, they hit it off. After a few juvenile scenes of flirting and an unnatural comfort between the two new lovers, we get our first sex scene. Amid the frolicking, Fabiana delivers the line “I like this mirror” as she looks at herself. Little do we know how huge that is going to be.

The relationship between Adrian and Fabiana grows to the point where she has moved intoAdrian’s large empty house in the mountains. A perfectly clichéd setting for what was going to come.

Next up comes an inevitable extra layer. The police turn up while Fabiana is home with Adrian. He is asked about the disappearance of his girlfriend and remains calm but coy. Fabiana is not convinced but they continue to do the bad thing every other scene. The disappearance of Adrian’s ex-girlfriend is mysterious and we all saw how badly he took it.

Quim Gutiérrez playing Adrian is relatively one-dimensional. He played a potentially guilty character fine enough, but failed to grasp the fact his character had more than one plot-line on the go. Martina Garcia playing Fabiana is good at the lovey-dovey stuff and clearly had no issues getting her body out but was relatively GCSE at acting frightened.

Anyway, I digress; Fabiana starts to experience some supernatural goings on in the house and quite rightly tells Adrian she thinks the house is haunted. He puts her straight about it and they have sex again. Obviously.

And then comes the huge twist the movie was billed to have. Supposedly towards the end of the flick, for me the bigger of the twists was the middle one. I won’t go into what happens because I wouldn’t want to ruin the movie because it is, all things being said, actually a pretty good idea.

The director, Andres Baiz, does all he can to create the atmosphere of a thriller. And to be fair, I was thrilled after about 45 minutes when the first twist of the movie took place. I’ve got to be honest, up until then, it was all very clichéd. Girl goes missing, guy is heart-broken, guy meets new girl, police suspect guy, guy and new girl fall in love, potentially haunted house. Pretty basic stuff because we all think we know what is going on here.

This is a thriller that’s got it all. It may be a tad far-fetched, a bit out of the ordinary, you might even say a bit stupid. By no means up there with the best out there but I guarantee after the first 45 minutes of the film, no-one would be able to guess what was about to come. And that is the reason this film is worth the watch.

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