Here’s another one of those annoying teasers for a trailer, featuring the obligatory low booming note cut with quicks shots of the film it’s promoting.

In all seriousness, it actually does look quite promising and based on reports, it will be part remake and part adaptation of the original Philip K. Dick story “We Remember It For You Wholesale”.

However, if there isn’t a woman that makes me wish I had three hands, I will be demanding my ticket money back.

Ironically enough, after the success of the original 1990 film a sequel was planned with Schwarzenegger’s character Douglas Quaid working as a reformed law enforcer. The script for this sequel was based on another Philip K. Dick story by the name of Minority Report. The story was later adapted for the screen and directed by Spielberg and featured Colin Farrell, who stars in this 2012 version of Total Recall.

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