Michael CaineAt 79 years old Michael Caine is still going strong and is arguably one of Britain’s most popular exports.

Along with Jack Nicholson, he is one of two actors that have been nominated for an academy award in every decade since the 1960s.

He has played some of the most iconic characters in British cinema history and he continues to make his mark in modern films such as Christopher Nolan’s Batman series and Daniel Barber’s Harry Brown.

To celebrate the fact he has turned 79 today, I present to you my favourite Michael Caine films.

Get Carter

Arguably his most influential performance, Get Carter saw Michael Caine play Jack Carter, essentially a ruthless criminal bastard who provides the basis for the majority of Guy Ritchie’s characters.

A no holds barred revenge flick, Jack Carter returns to Newcastle for his brother’s funeral and uncovers some uncomfortable truths about his family and the criminal underworld.

The film also has a cracking soundtrack.


Playing the quintessentially English, Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead, Zulu also featured the likes of Stanley Baker, James Booth and Jack Hawkins. The film detailed the heroic efforts of the British Forces faced by the Zulus at Rorke’s Drift.


What’s it all about Alfie? Well, adultery apparently and in this cult classic Michael Caine showed off his comedic chops to great effect. The trailer below may present the film as a quirky 60s comedy about free love, but under the surface Alfie was also about regret and Caine gives a great performance once Alfie realises the mistakes of his ways.

The Italian Job

Probably the most quotable film in the history of British cinema, Michael Caine played the loveable rogue Charlie Crocker.

The Italian Job is a completely bonkers heist movie where the robbers escape in minis, driving through a variety of Italian landmarks. It also helped redefine the term of a cliff hanger ending.

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