Cinema Review: One For The MoneyMy knowledge of bail bonds and bounty hunters is pretty limited.

Aside from Boba Fett, my only exposure to the trade has been the successful TV series, Dog The Bounty Hunter and if that show is to be believed, it involves chasing a bunch of down and outs and then preaching to them about god.

Based on the novel of the same name by Janet Evanovich, One For The Money thankfully presents a more glamourous and lighthearted angle on the trade and leaves all the religious preaching to the peroxide blonde, body building professionals on reality TV.

Newly divorced and recently sacked Stephenie Plum (Katherine Heigl) has returned to her home town and has decided to become a bounty hunter.

Naturally being a bit of a zany chick flick, top of the most wanted list is her ex-boyfriend.  So along the way, we learn about her past, get introduced to her friends and family and get to see Katherine Heigl in all sorts of compromising situations.

It’s all a fairly predictable ho-hum affair and at times the proceedings do stagger a little.  While Katherine Heigl does a great job at playing the fish out of water role, it’s only later when she finally gets the hang of this bail bonds lark does the pacing really pick up.

What doesn’t really help the film is that there is all this talk of the central villain and how dangerous he is, we rarely see what exactly he is capable of. And when we do, it is usually brushed off with some light comic relief.

With the romance plot at the centre of the film, at times I felt like I was watching The Bounty Hunter (the instantly forgettable Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston film, which was so forgettable I only remembered I’d seen it while watching this).

Fortunately, the supporting cast is pretty solid when they are granted some screen time with One For The Money featuring some fairly enjoyable performances from Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds and John Leguizamo.

While there was little for someone like me to enjoy, I’m sure the One For The Money will find it’s audience.  It’s light hearted, easy to watch and will appeal to most fans of silly romantic comedies.

Verdict: [rating=2]

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