The Bourne LegacyI’m pretty sure I’m not the only one baffled by this upcoming addition to the seminal Bourne series.

Set after the events of the The Bourne Ultimatum, Legacy promises to follow up the series with a new character played by Jeremy Renner. Meanwhile, Matt Damon’s lead (and title) character, Jason Bourne is nowhere to be seen.

Now, normally I would be screaming “you can’t make a Jason Bourne film with no Jason Bourne! What the hell are doing?”, but the fact that Legacy will also star series veterans Joan Allen, Albert Finney and Scott Glenn has somewhat cooled my reaction.

Throw in a couple of well respected newcomers such as Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz and I’d say I’m nearly as focused as a Treadstone Assassin (one that doesn’t have amnesia issues).

This will also mark a series debut behind the lens for Tony Gilroy, screenwriter for the previous films, who will be sitting down in the directors chair to scream action.

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