Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey

Sam Raimi’s take on Spider-man is barely a decade old now and the decision to start the series again struck me as a desperate attempt by Sony to ape what Warner Brothers had achieved with Batman and cash in on the whole reboot fad.

My concerns were raised even higher when the first trailer was released last year, which gave me the distinct impression that Peter Parker was more of an emo than a nerd. I’d much rather have “Spider-man Begins” than “Peter Parker: The Twilight Years”.

But with release of this new trailer, my fears have been slightly settled by what is looking like a promising comic book action flick.

First off, Andrew Garflield shows himself to be a worthy successor to Tobey Maguire. Quipping with a thug in the back of a car before undoubtedly stopping him in his tracks.

We also see more of the supporting cast. Emma Stone as the endearing Gwen Stacey, Dennis Leary as her father and chief of police George Stacey. And there is also a brief snippet of Rhys Ifans hamming it up as Curt Connors, AKA The Lizard.

Initially, I had fears about Marc Web directing. The Amazing Spider-man is only his second film and in complete contrast with the romantic comedy 500 days of Summer. However, having seen the quality of some of the action scenes I might just be proved wrong.

Naturally, I still have my concerns but this trailer has definitely gone some way to calm them.


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