As if the previous instalments from Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman were not enough to whet your appetite, feast your eyes on the trailer below.

Featuring early glimpses of Tom Hardy’s Bane and Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), The Dark Knight Rises looks set carry the tradition of the previous films by delivering a somber plot and spectacular visuals.

Christopher Nolan has confirmed that this will be his last Batman film and it will tie up his trilogy. Whether or not his version of Bane will break the bat, as told in the seminal comic book series Knightfall remains to be seen.

Judging from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight one thing that is certain is that while Nolan may take his visual cues from the graphic novels, the plots never go exactly the way you’d expect them to and for that reason I personally cannot wait for this one.

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