Ditching the high-octane police procedural route in favour of a thoughtful, languid pace, As Blood Runs Deep (aka Meskada) meanders onto DVD next month.

Backed by a decent cast on good form, the flick picks away at the façade of small townAmerica, set against the backdrop of a disturbing child murder.

Detective Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) is called in to head an investigation after a botched burglary sees the young son of a local commissioner killed.

This is far from a murder mystery though – the viewer knows exactly who is responsible right from the opening scene, and the film plays more on the loyalties of the town folk rather than any gripping whodunit.

Aided by new partner Leslie Spencer (Rachel Nichols), Cordin must try and smash through the wall of silence as he seeks to uncover the truth.

To make matters even worse, it swiftly appears as though the killers may come from his nearby home town, adding an extra dynamic to proceedings as the detective must return to his old stamping ground and rile up the locals.

Anyone expecting a fast-paced thriller full of shootouts and car chases is likely to be sorely disappointed with this.

Taking the slowly-slowly approach and clearly inspired by the likes ofMysticRiver, this is definitely not a movie to sit down to with a beer and curry.

And if I am being totally honest, there were a good few moments when even my mind began to wander.

But there is plenty to recommend, mostly in both the casting and performances.

I am not quite sure what happened to Stahl in terms of his career, but the likes of Terminator 3 andSinCityseem a long time ago.

But he is certainly capable of turning in a good performance and does so here.

Nichols (soon to be seen in Conan) is fine as the tough-cookie cop, while Kellan Lutz, Jonathan Tucker and Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus provide solid support.

Writer/Director Josh Sternfeld does a solid job of creating the small-town vibe and the overall look and feel of the film is good.

Far from perfect and likely to be far too slow for most viewers, As Blood Runs Deep is still an interesting watch if you have some spare time on your hands.


Extras: None

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