I really don’t understand the hate towards Megan Fox. If I had a pound for everytime I heard someone say “the girl has no talent”, I’d probably have an extra £20 note in my wallet.

Sure, she most probably got her break in Transformers by looking incredibly attractive (let’s face it, Bay doesn’t cast leading ladies who walk the boards) and so far in her career, she has not had many hits outside of that live action Gobot series.

But after watching Jennifer’s Body, I can’t help but feel that the Megan Fox actually has a bit of potential.

By no means is the film a stretch for her – playing a slutty demon possessed cheer leader, she would probably be at the top of my list too (um, that’s supposed to be a compliment). But the simple fact of the matter is, she has far more to do here and more scenery to chew on (literally), than she did in 2 very daft and overlong CGI-robot-Bay-fests and that’s thanks in part to Diablo Codys somewhat catty script.

Like Juno, Jennifer’s Body features dialogue full of quirky references, homages and snide remarks, the film lifts itself above most other cliched horror efforts that have come out recently.

And like Juno, the extreme elements in this film (murder, sex, cannibalism) are all discussed in such a casually matter-of-fact way it is actually mildly amusing.

There are also remarkable scenes of sadness juxtaposed against the outlandish and absurd plot, reminding the viewer that as poor young men are being eaten by this possessed sexpot cheerleader, their mothers, family and friends are being left behind to deal with it all.

Amanda Seyfried also puts in a quality performance as Jennifer’s nerdy best friend and main protagonist in the story, Needy. Conflicted between helping her friend or fighting her, the scenes she shares with Jennifer are both endearing and awkward.

Jennifer’s Body is no masterpiece. J.K. Simmons is criminally underused and in the third act the film it sadly starts to fall into predictable territory, beginning to feel more like your average, bog standard slasher.

But those looking for an entertainly daft horror movie about cheer leaders, demons and hormones, will find plenty of smirks to be had here.

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