Thought Kenneth Branagh’s epic blockbuster from earlier this summer appeared a little too, well, polished?

Well if so you are in luck, as the Syfy channel decides to let rip on the Thor legend, complete with dodgy acting, even dodgier ‘special’ effects and a pretty weak storyline.

After all, why bother with Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins in the crucial role of Odin when you can have former WWE star Kevin Nash play the part?

In this version the story revolves around the Tree of Life and Loki’s desire to obtain the Hammer of Invincibility, but there seems to be no real rhyme or reason in his plans – other than him being the bad guy.

With Odin and his brother Baldir killed off early on, the young, headstrong Thor (so we keep being told throughout the movie) must rise to the challenge, locate the hammer and save the day.

He is aided in his quest by Jarnsaxa (Patricia Velasquez), who is a pretty dab hand at the sword fighting as well as being capable of casting a few spells – but again this is never really explained.

As in the Marvel effort, a fair chunk of the movie takes place on modern-day Earth, but this serves no real purpose other than allowing the makers to skimp on some location costs.

Cody Deal plays the titular role, and while he looks impressive enough, his acting is just what you would expect from someone who has both ‘Strip Club patron’ in Get Him To The Greek and ‘Uncredited Roman Soldier’ in The Hangover as the highlights of his acting resume.

The more experienced Richard Grieco does little better as Loki though, given little to do other than walk around menacingly and look very pasty.

There is a ridiculous amount of walking and running around in this film – in fact if you cut out all those scenes you would probably be left with ten minutes or so of action.

And there is far too much reliance on truly pathetic CGI creatures – I do not think the makers were looking for laughs, but that is certainly what they get with the absolute bilge they put up on screen.

Let us be honest, nobody who sits through this is likely to be under any illusions of quality (and I did sit through it), but unlike the big-budget effort, nobody is likely to be calling for a sequel on this one.


Extras: A brief featurette and blooper reel

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