Oh – the joys of DVD preview copies.

My shiny disc of Zombie Undead came complete with a press release that talked of terrorist bomb explosions, chaotic city centres, zombie infestations and plenty of top-notch gore.

All sounds great doesn’t it – which it probably would be, if any of it actually appeared in the film itself.

Shot on what appears less than a shoestring budget, Zombie Undead is a no-budget British effort centred on that horror hotspot, Leicester.

Now let me get one thing clear straight from the off – I do not have a downer on any film for its budget, as there is no point.

Having dabbled with production myself back in the day, I know how tough it is simply to get a film made and anybody who manages it should be applauded.

So the fact that Zombie Undead exists at all is commendable, it just isn’t any good.

The ‘terrorist explosion’ is a guy leaving a backpack in what looks like a deserted street, with the sounds of a detonation then happening off-screen (clever that).

The action picks up with a daughter racing her ‘bitten’ father to a local hospital, only to find the hospital itself swarming (well a handful anyway) with zombies.

Realising quickly she is trapped, our heroine Sarah (Ruth King) must team up with a handful of other survivors to try and escape.

And that ladies and gents is about it – nothing more, nothing less.

Yes there are some nice effects touches to keep the whole thing bouncing along but the dialogue is so bad, and the characters so forgettable that you just don’t care (in fact I was struggling to stay awake).

And before any of you start jumping all over me, I love the zombie genre, having lapped up the work of Fulci etc in the past.

Admittedly the genre itself is often handcuffed by its conventions and the limits of what you can do with a bunch of shuffling dead people moaning their way after some fresh meat.

But writer Kris Tearse and director Rhys Davies do nothing new here and even botch the ending, with the film simply grinding to a halt.

Sure that may have worked back in decades past with Romero and his Dead films but here it just smacks of laziness or a running out of ideas.

Zombie Undead is certainly far from the worst film I have ever seen and there may be some of you out there who even enjoy it – just approach it with low expectations.


Released on April 22




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