When I was younger, nothing would scare me more in a film than discovering that the good guys would turn to the dark side. The very idea of it would petrify me and give me nightmares for weeks. I guess I was a bit of a wuss really.

Anyway, looking back at the films that I enjoyed in my youth, here are a few examples that have left a lasting impression on me.

Superman III

In a botched effort to defeat Superman, Richard Pryor’s Gus Gorman hands Superman a piece of homemade Kryptonite. Put together with the usual ingredients and um, tobacco, the effect it has on the man of steel is somewhat different to what was expected.

Superman was the ultimate role model to me as a kid, so to see him go from a super hero to a super arrogant, antisocial twat was quite a shock to me.

Instead of rushing out to help people, he travels the planet having a bit of a laugh. He does the residents of Tuscany a favour by straightening up the Leaning Tower of Piza and then proceeds to blow out the Olympic flame during an opening ceremony.

After ripping a hole in an oil tanker, he then takes to sitting in a pub flicking peanuts at super speed towards bottles. You can also tell he isn’t a good guy anymore as he is sporting a 5 o’clock shadow.

Superman - drunk and flicking peanuts

Superman – drunk and flicking peanuts

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones under the influence

Indiana Jones under the influence

Not by any means my favourite Indiana Jones film, probably because of it’s dark subject matter and the fact that the MacGuffin is a bunch of stones. But Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is still quite an enjoyable action adventure none the less.

The voodoo undertones gave Spielberg and co a great excuse to do the “good guy gone bad” plot device by making Henry Jones Jnr drink the cursed Blood of Kali.

During his bad patch, Indiana spouts off about Kali and obeys anything Mola Ram asks of him – literally, anything goes. Including the idea of sacrificing of Willie Scott, his main love interest – the poor lady is forced to endure a yoyo-ing dip into a pit containing hot molten lava.

Indy’s moment of darkness is a short one as Short Round comes to the rescue and finds an accidental cure by burning Indiana with a fire lit torch. A revelation that begs the question, how come this wasn’t worked out sooner? – what with the thuggee fanatics doing their rituals in a lava infested cave underground.

Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan

Out of all the “good guy gone bad” moments, this is the one I still find pretty haunting. Commander Chekov and Captain Terell are held captive by the superhuman and intergalactic shitbag, Khan Noonien Singh.

Blaming Kirk for the death of his wife, Khan implants Chekhov and Terrell with an indigenous, mind-controlling eel that enters the victims through their ears. Once they’re are under Khan’s control, he seizes control of their ship, the Reliant, in a search for Kirk and the Enterprise.

Now, neither Chekov nor Terrell behave that badly. But the fact that these two highly trained starfleet officers, are taking orders from a genetically enhanced tyrant who is also completely bonkers I might add, does make the whole thing quite unnerving.

Also, the idea of a parasite that can enter your ear and control your mind is quite frankly disgusting.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

What’s going on ear?

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